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The PAC Machinery Group Companies - Audion Automation (AA), Packaging Aids Corporation (PAC), and Vertrod (VT) provide flexible package sealing solutions for virtually every industry and application including chemical, electronic, food, medical, pharmaceutical, publishing, and general packaging industries. The extensive product line includes baggers, drop sealers, shrink systems, and skin packaging equipment from Audion Automation; continuous, hand held, jaw, tray, vacuum/gas snorkel sealers, horizontal and vertical form fill and seal systems, and vacuum chambers from PAC; and hand, heavy duty direct drive, heavy duty open back, and heavy duty pass through sealers from Vertrod.

Packaging Aids and Vertrod, combining over 100 years of experience in the flexible package sealing industry, provide one of the most complete and extensive lines of sealing equipment from the simplest hand held sealers to sophisticated tray sealers and form, fill, and seal systems. Whatever your sealing application, chances are you'll find the machine you need at PAC or Vertrod.

Audion Automation's Sergeant shrink systems, Titan baggers, and Vacumaster skin packaging systems have been industry standards for many years.

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